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Horseracing, Camel Racing, Cockfighting & Dog Fighting

cockfightingHorseracing and betting on the winner of horseracing events is still one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Iraq today amongst adults and young people on an equal level. After the commencement of the first stadium for horseracing in 1995, the sport went back in fashion in the Iraq and Kurdistan regions.

In the more northern regions of Iraq and Kurdistan however, there lays the winning spirit of camel racing in its fullest. Young boys in their teens are brought in from India, Iran, and even Pakistan in order to race on top of the camels, the focus and the weight of the racers is a huge factor in camel racing. It is one of the most popular racing sports today in the Iraq and Kurdistan region.

Even though, the sports of Dog Fighting and cockfighting started in Syria. Iraq and Kurdistan were quick to import the sports and make them their own in the Arabic region. Today, dog and cock fights are held almost every evening in the rural areas of Iraq and Kurdistan. People place their bets in the ring and reap their profit and enjoy the sport tremendously.


The Iraq and Kurdistan Online World

The Iraq and Kurdistan region are rich with history and traditions that extend from cultural roots to habits that the people used in order to entertain themselves and feel like winners.

Gambling in theIraq/Kurdistan region has a very interesting history particularly, as many consider gambling legal today in Iraq due to the presence of one casino that is still open today in Iraq for more than 10 years.

In 1995, the first race track for horses, dogs, and camels was opened in the Iraq/Kurdistan region by former president Saddam Hussein and it was run by his son Uday throughout its life. Betting on races of different kinds then and till today remains an ultimate form of entertainment and gambling for the people of Iraq and Kurdistan.

The betting system used till today in Iraq and Kurdistan is an international system of betting, the one that uses the same standards of the USA and the UK gambling systems. Managed through calculating odds of winning and their multiplication factors in case of a victory.

Casinos in Iraq and Kurdistan
There is only one active casino in the Iraq and Kurdistan Region today, Casino Suleimaniya. When the casino first started there was many of them, but today casino Suleimaniya stands tall and singular and operated by Vitaly Kouznetzov, the infamous Russian businessman who survived the Arab betting world.

The Iraq and Kurdistan Online World
Today, the online betting world is the go-to destination for Iraqi and Kurdish gamblers. Most betters and casino players use FastPay and Skrill to place their online bets.
The online guide to the best online casino and sports betting sites is large and wide, but here at Kora-Casino we filter them out down to the very best in Iraq and Kurdistan. Today, It is very easy today to bet on football or horse racing events in the Iraq and Kurdistan Regions, as the online world is the safest, quickest, and most efficient way to earn the biggest winnings and find the best odds for your bets.


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In addition to our betting site’s news and reviews sections, here at Kora Casino, we seek to inform and educate our readers in the Middle East about the best and safest methods of depositing and withdrawing their money from the Middle East region once they get to the fun of playing online casino games and betting on sports predictions. Whether it is new and emerging safe money transaction services like FastPay, or older high quality services like Skrill and Neteller, the Arabic Casino Player will have the full details scope of information regarding each and every method of depositing, withdrawing, and transferring money for online gambling and casino platforms in the middle east, as we will review in a neutral and detailed way all the advantages/disadvantages of the platforms present for the Arab players knowledge.

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