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Top 3 Amazing Casino كازينو Locations in the Arab world


Whether it is the infamous casinos in Lebanon or Egypt’s prestigious landbase luxurious casinos, the arab world today is home to some of the best casinos in the world that have history and offer premium casino service to its customers. Most of the arab casinos that exist in these countries have been there for a while or exist mostly in Arabic tourist locations in very specialized areas. Today, most people head to play online casinos on their PC or mobile phones, but it remains a fact that these amazing Arabic casinos spread across the middle east provide another feel to the Arabic casino player once experienced.

Casino du Liban كازينو (Lebanon)

The casino located in north Lebanon is one of the most prestigious amongst all casinos in the middle east, and of course one of the oldest casinos in the arab world today. Throughout political turmoil in the Lebanon and in great economic tribulations.

Aside from the fact that Casino du Liban is the largest casino in the middle east, the 300,000+ square feet of pure entertainment provides the best in the Arabic gambling world. With 6 poker tables and 400+ slots machines, the variety is truly incredible.

Casino du Liban has something in store for everybody, aside from the general casino area which welcomes casual and regular casino players, the Arabic casino’s main game room is known for its elegance as it even requires a dress code and keeps the Arabic casino high rollers pleased with its high casino standards.

Casino du Liban has the best neighbors, situated between an amazing variety of Lebanese restaurants and entertainment venues, the theatre near the casino also services as a complimentary addition to its location in the northern of Lebanon.

كازينو Casino Semiramis (Egypt)

The Nile east bank is not only a home to the wide culture of Egypt but also a place for one of Egypt’s oldest Arabic casinos operating since 1990. Set in the Hilton Ramses hotel, Casino Semiramis is infamous amongst residents and tourists alike for its exceptional services as a place not only to play but also to enjoy cocktails as it boasts with one of the best cocktail bars in the region.

The view of the casino is directly open to a wide view that includes the pyramids and its reputation for its location is untouchable by any other Arabic casino in Cairo. With 30+ Arabic gaming machines and 14 casino Arabic tables to play on, Casino Semiramis solidifies its place as one of the best Arabic casino in the middle east for residents and tourists alike.

The London Club Casino كازينو (Egypt)

One of the casinos that operates 24 hours a day in Cairo, Egypt. The London Club is a high roller service that offers gamblers in the middle east some premium options and preferences. It gives the gambler in the Arabic city a place to play in the U.S Dollar currency as it is accepted in the Cairo casino, as one of the unique services the London club casino offers is an onsite currency exchange service to many worldwide currencies.

The Arabic casino offers blackjack, poker, and roulette games along with a beautiful palette of jackpot and slot machines for the expert and casual Arabic casino player. So, if you are ever in Cairo Egypt looking for an exceptional casino experience, make sure you head to the heart of the city and enjoy the London Club Arabic casino.

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