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Top 3 Casino Destinations in the World right now


Last Vegas, Nevada 

Over the years, Las Vegas has earned a notorious reputation for being the world center for anything casino or gambling related. The secret of Last Vegas presented itself in the entertainment sector, because if you are in Las Vegas you are not just in to play, you are in to have the time of your life sightseeing, watching shows, eating, experiencing urban architecture, and then playing your heart out. Las Vegas is considered the most attractive touristic city in the USA as of now.

Today, some Las Vegas Hotel chains are expanding into the world, even to places like Dubai, and have earned billions of dollars in revenue from tourist.

There are a 100+ casinos currently in Last Vegas and enough international music and theatre shows to keep tourists busy for days on end.

Macau, China

The legend has it that there is a new casino opening almost every day in Macau for the last couple of years. Although it is an exaggeration, it only remains to show that China’s Macau is now a synonymous location for casino players around the world. Whether you are a high roller or just looking to spin some classic slots for fun, Macau is one luxurious breathing entity of entertainment for those who take the chance. Macau is so reliant on its gambling tourism that casinos supply it with almost 50% of its economy value.

In addition, Macau boasts the largest casinos in the world right now, or at least 7 of them as far as we know: The Venetian Macao, City of Dreams Resort, Casino Ponte 16, MGM Grand Macao, Sands Macao and Starworld Hotel & Casino. A stunning collection of hotels where one can get lost for days inside playing blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulettes, or countless amounts of slots and jackpot games. Today, Macau is the true competitor of Last Vegas for the #1 spot for the top casino destinations in the world.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo – Monaco

Many don’t know the real size of Monaco, as it is the second smallest country in Europe. However, it’s not the size that matters in this case, it’s the will to keep going. We may have heard the word Monte Carlo in popular music today, and there is a reason for that. The city with its casino resorts and entertainment facilities is something to truly behold in wonder.

Monte Carlo is considered the #1 destination for casino players in Europe today. Not only that, the city’s 35,000 population is known to be hospitable and all about that service pleasure to the oncoming tourists all year.

Situated on the coast with a breathtaking view, Monaco today remains one of the most infamous destinations amongst people and popular culture to visit if you want to place your bets and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with luxury.

Online Vs Touristic

Not everybody can afford to go onto these top destinations to enjoy the casino experience in its fullest luxury in real life. Today, online casino platforms are attempting to reach new levels of innovation to present to the player a realistic immersing casino experience. Take for example the new Live Casino sections popping in top online casino platforms, Favoritsport for example, and you can immediately see that online casino playing is starting to touch on a more realistic casino experience. What is next? A VR casino experience?

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