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Saudi Arabia: Las Vegas Style in 2030


Saudi Arabia is a country that is known worldwide to be a major center in religious Muslim tourism and a symbol of economic strength in the GCC region. The country is mainly dependent on petroleum as its main export and has placed all its bets so far on the petroleum industry.

However, it seems that the desert country isn’t going to have any of that “Saudi only has petrol” talk, as the country’s new king prepares for some major moves in the tourism and entertainment industry.

Project Vision 2030 is going to be the first milestone for Saudi Arabia to reach in order to achieve its dreams in becoming an international hub for the world to visit and dub it the “Arabic Vegas”. It seems that Saudi is following in its cousin’s footsteps, Dubai, but this time it’s going to try spending hundreds of billions of dollars in a short time span to build this new city that seems to be the main goal behind the Vision 2030 project.

What will the project include?

Most people presume that the Saudi Vegas will be free from gambling. However, the world is in a constant change so who knows really? Aside from the betting world the Vision 2030 plan is all about entertainment for its visitors. With a safari desert park in store and a Six Flags Park to top it all off, it seems like Saudi Arabia has got the right idea from its get-go. In addition, this city will include sports facilities and entertainment facilities. How big will the city be?

It is rumored that the city will be as big as Riyadh, covering almost 334 miles square, almost as it continues to move forward with the supervision of its commissioner King Mohammad Bin Salman.

Well there be sex segregation?

It is a known fact that a segregation between sexes in the culture of Saudi Arabia is prominent, and only under strict rules can men and women interact in the its streets and facilities. So the question that is on everybody’s mind is whether this vision 2030 will be a double agent one for men and one for women.

Many other questions are being asked by journalists in addition to the sex segregation issue. What about alcohol? How will foreign non-Arabic tourists receive the guidelines of the Arabic Vegas? Many questions linger in the minds of everybody.

One thing we know for sure though, is that there will never be a real casino in the city, so your best bet? Play the Saudi casino online!

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