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FastPay Cash فاستبي | The safest mobile wallet for Iraq & Kurdistan


Fastpay in our opinion, is Iraqs and Kurdistan’s best online wallet mobile application is here, as the FastPay mobile application has arrived to show you how to transfer your money in the fastest, safest, and most secure method in the Middle East, it is like a guaranteed goal in football!

After using the application this year, with the recommendation of our experts from Iraq and Kurdistan, we came to the conclusion that FastPay Cash is one of the best tools on the mobile market to transfer and receive money online in a quick and trusted way for all online activities including mobile data recharge, internet, sport betting, Casinos, online shopping, video games and many more, the application is very smooth in its programming execution in the Iraq or Kurdistan, where it is the most popular cash wallet application now.

This ePay method can be charged and recharged easily, it offers to receive and sending direct payments from your mobile to all mobile phone operators (Zain Asiacell Reber and Korek,) in Kurdistan and Iraq. You can buy online cards for Google Play, iTunes, and also for games that involve football, lucky games, lotto, or even the casino! You can also use it for buying games on the PlayStation and Xbox while playing DOTA or Counterstrike.

It is a very popular method in Iraq and Kurdistan to deposit and withdraw cash without any trouble. Of course, nothing is perfect. So Now, let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the FastPay Cash mobile application.

The FastPay Application Download


It is important to know how easy it is to install a mobile application, we found that within minutes of downloading the FastPay mobile application for Android AP or Apple Ios we were able to immediately set up and charge our FastPay account for immediate use.

Of course, we also tried to withdraw cash after trying our luck on the online games from 1xbit bookmaker and it was easy. We headed down to the providers for the mobile operators (Asiacell, Korek, Reber, and Zain) in Iraq and Kurdistan, and withdrew our cash profit immediately, it was honestly amazing!

What can you use FastPay Cash Mobile application for?
After using it for a couple of days, we came to the conclusion that FastPay changes your online money transactions to the best experience possible, and we were very surprised as how easy it is to use. FastPay will help you for all your needs and all that directly from your mobile phone!

• Money Transfer (Send & Receive)
• Mobile Unit Recharge
• Buy Online Cards such as iTunes, Google Play, Xbox etc.
• Shopping Online
• Internet data recharge
• Playing online

The only payments you cannot make with FastPay yet are salary payments and utility bill payments. However, after investigating the FastPay website, we discovered that these features will soon be on the platform, which means that governments do not have any problem with FastPay Cash

Other than the fact that you have to use special 4 digit or 16 digit PIN numbers to recharge money or send/receive. One of the special features of FastPay is that you can have your PIN confirmed with your thumb print which confirms the full security of users’ data and money transactions, it is great news for the old and new users of the platform indeed, and confirms that the mobile application is one of the strongest in Iraq and Kurdistan, as it has a complete set of features that are hard to find anywhere else.

Any person over the age of 16 years old can register for FastPay. Of course, all you need is a mobile, tablet, or a PC to start the registering process.

You can have multiple accounts all under the same name for different activities
you need to have different mobile numbers and different email addresses for each of these different accounts.

Sending/Receiving Money
As we started to download and use FastPay, we have discovered that there are no hidden cost or initial payments to be made to register and download the application and start your money transactions online.

Sending Money
The number of transactions per day was unlimited and there was no hidden cost to sending money to any person, website, or application.

You can make the application your go-to in everything related to online money transactions in the whole world, you can use FastPay to purchase and register to anything online

FastPay’s money sending and receiving transactions can only be used in the Kurdistan/Iraq Region. Of course, you can pay for anything online, but to send and receive cash it is region locked currently.

What makes FastPay special?

Fastpay is SSL secured and is a first of its kind platform in certain autonomous regions in the Middle East and Asia to use QR codes, PINS, and mobile applications to conduct money transactions in these regions.

How did FastPay start?
SSL Wireless, a major software development company, was seeking to incorporate Bangladesh in the digital age with its services. SSL Wireless supplied IT Enabled Services (ITES) for Bangladesh, and imported to Bangladesh its technology of financial transactions as an accessible service for Bangladesh and eventually Kurdistan. Subsequently, the technology utilized QR codes and mobile apps for the first time in Bangladesh and Kurdistan and has since then become a leading service in the financial sector.

SSL was an innovator, it has become known as a unique mobile wallet platform in the regions it has launched in, naming its mobile wallet service ‘FastPay’ in Bangladesh and eventually other regions. As the next step, SSL Wireless, in agreement with Next Generation Communications, launched FastPay mobile wallet platform in Kurdistan, an autonomous region in Iraq. To no surprise, FastPay became infamous in Kurdistan as the quickest, safest, and most useful mobile application for every costumers shopping needs, mobile recharge services, money transfer transactions and bill payments across a plethora of services.

Online betting and Casinos

Fastpay today is the most popular way to make sports bets and play online casino games in the Kurdistan and Iraq regions.

We highly recommended it for new and old users due to its strength and advantages in many areas. After a long day of watching a Barcelona and Real Madrid game and betting on it, a mobile application that can handle your winnings is needed to complete the joy of victory.