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The Middle East’s Favorite Sport. it’s football?

saudi arabia football

A while ago, when we checked the best Arabic sports news sites for more and more input on important sports events in the Arab world, one thing was very clear to us. The Arab world’s favorite sports game has definitely got to be football. For 20+ years, football has dominated the minds and thoughts of every Arabic football fan in the middle east.

In the second place, basketball takes a golden position in the middle east, known as the 2nd most popular sports game in the Arab world currently and especially in Lebanon, where betting on basketball is almost a national activity amongst the youth and the older generation alike.

Let’s take Egyptian football for example, where hundreds of local teams exist for football. Of course, Al Ahli and Zamalek are amongst the most spoken about, but the passion for football events and betting in Egypt is undeniable.

Saudi Arabia is another lover of football, allocating millions of dollars every year towards bringing in new players and teams along with its neighbor the UAE. The most popular sports TV shows spend most of the episodes discussing football almost exclusively due to the amazing complexity the sports world in the GCC has become.
Betting and Arab football

Today’s Arab youth definitely hails football as the king of sports in the middle east, whether through real betting shops or through online means, betting on middle eastern sports events is nothing short of an invading phenomenon that has swept the middle east for a while now.

Before, horseracing and camel racing was the most popular to bet on, but with everybody on board, betting today on football has become the most popular in Iraq, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Syria, and for a majority of the middle east. If you wish to bet on football it is important to choose the right bookmaker online, that is one of our goals here at the koracasino site.

Arab Football in Europe

The passion of the Arab world for football has caught the attention of the whole world. Today, many Arab players are being bought by international and European teams to play on the biggest fields in the world.

The cultural roots of football is strong within the Arab world, and most players who are passionate about it since their youth are finding more and more facilities to play in and get to the Pro level at a young age, perhaps Arab football will take over the world someday?

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