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2019 Free VPN Services

free vpn

In our world today, the cyber security of one’s electronic devices connected to the internet is an essential factor in keeping our browsing experience hassle free and as private as possible. In 2019, it is almost recommended that anybody who can use a virtual private network or VPN should go ahead and do it. After a lot of controversy regarding user privacy and the constant leakage of millions, and perhaps billions, of client information.

Protecting ourselves and where we go on the internet through VPN is something that we should all try doing to a certain degree, the top VPN services in 2019 are no joke and they get more and more robust every year. Why? Because the threats on the internet that those virtual private network aggregators need to protect us from are getting stronger every day.

Whether you are using your smartphone or your PC to connect to the internet, 3G or 5G networks or just plain Wi-Fi networks, VPN services today offer the strongest protection for your browsing habits and your actual location for those who want to try and intercept your privacy out there and sell it.

Usually, VPN programs for PC or your smartphone can offer you a safety margin from your internet service providers (ISP), who usually make a profit from the information they have on where you go on the internet and where you click, your IP address defines the first base of your internet browsing and that is usually the first thing that the best VPN services offer you protection from, the reveal of your IP address.

A lot of free VPN software exists today, and many of them are considered to be the top in VPN software recommendations due to the non-profit nature of their offering by those who programmed them, which is usually a community of programmers who want to make the internet a safer place. Its true though, today’s internet code, and especially HTTPS programming, over a certain level of security and protection against any potential snoopers.

However, some snoopers try to access your local networks directly and that is where things can get tricky. It is simple really, the best way to protect yourself and guarantee your security on the internet is by using VPN services, and the best VPN services if possible and affordable in your VPN choices.

VPN: What it Can and Can’t Do

One of the most important things a VPN service does for you is hide your IP address and your actual location. That in itself, is the best way to keep your activities private from snoopers. Your incoming and outgoing data is wired through the VPN provider’s servers, wherever they are, and they are encrypted from any outside interference. Essentially, your internet service providers (ISPs) won’t be able to see your data, even though they supply the internet speed and routing. You can make it appear as if you are browsing the internet from the UK or the USA, from Africa or even the Middle East. In 2019, this process is done by a simple procedure, a click of a flag! That is if you are using credible and good VPN providers in 2019.

However, to hide your I.P address is one thing, but to make your data completely anonymous on the internet is another. Anonymizing your data completely and encrypting is something that even the best VPN providers in the world can’t do. For this, most people use TOR servers, or special editions of browsers programmed for the TOR services.

What a TOR service essentially does for you is bounce your internet browsing data all over networks, making it seem like it’s not coming from a different place, but from a 100 different places at once.

In 2019, a lot of the top VPN software for PC and even for free offer some of these services or TOR connections. Even though most people use VPN today to browse Netflix from a different country to browse different catalogues of TV series and films, or they use it to play gamble and place sports bets online where the services are usually blocked in their country. Essentially, most people use VPN for entertainment purposes today. Let’s take a look at some of the top VPN software out in 2019 today!

Great Paid VPN services in 2019

  • ExpressVPN

Express VPN is one of the most accessible and easy to use VPN software in the world today. it features a speed test if you’re using the VPN service on your PC. Even more, the download speed in ExpressVPN is one of the best, which gives a lot of speed room if you are trying to stream or play live online games through VPN. It was actually voted the #1 VPN program on the popular reddit in 2018. It is not a VPN for free service for sure.

  • Private Internet Access (PIA VPN)

Although it is not famous for its speed and streaming services. The PIA VPN program is infamous for its security. One of the main advantages of the software is its encryption which offers protection between 128 or 256-bit AES encryption, IPv6 leak protection, and it doesn’t store any user data either. With that, PIA VPN software has gained a following on the internet for its securities regardless of its hiccups in speed.

Top Free VPN services in 2019

  • SigaVPN

Siga VPN is a new and so far free and reliable VPN service with good internet speeds if optimized and tried out correctly. Even though it’s a for free, it does not push disconnections upon users while browsing, which is an important strong point in its arsenal and essential to not leave you naked all of a sudden in the park! this free VPN service is amongst the top of its line today.


Even though this free VPN service is not very suitable for HD streaming and Heavy gaming. It is definitely a great and reliable general IP address masking service for internet browsing. Windscribe is gaining momentum quickly on the internet today, and we predict that soon it will be amongst the best.

In conclusion, there are many other good VPN services all over the internet with prices that are considered to be reasonable and no cancellation fees or bank trouble when pulling out of them. In addition to these two great VPN services there are probably hundreds of others that can offer you reasonably what these VPN programs can offer. One important factor matters: the speed the VPN program offers you in regard to your downloads or streaming. It is important to stay safe online and in our world today it is even more important to secure oneself against and potential benefactors and salesmen of one’s private information. Stay safe!

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