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Al Salmiya Fc vs Al-Fahaheel Fc – Kuwait Premier League


Since 1961, Kuwait’s own football premiere league has had a long history of games that ignited the passion of the Kuwaiti people throughout the decades. Even though the Viva league has a dominant champion of the champion title in the last 50 years almost, Al-Qadisiya team, followed closely by Al-Arabi, a team always seeking to be #1 behind AL-Qadisiya. Today, 10 teams mainly compete in Kuwait’s football league, and the heat is on for a new start with the Al-Fahaheel Vs. Al Salmiya happening today!

Al Salmiya football club isn’t just a young club in Kuwait’s premiere league, it was formed in 1964 and have won the league cup 4 times throughout the years, as they even played some AFC Cup titles before and held their own ground to push forward against all predictions. Currently, the Brazilian Patrick Fabiano is playing with them and they are getting ready for a hot match full of heated predictions on their game with Al-Fahaheel Fc, their current coach Miloud Hamdi has good predictions for the Al Salmiya Fc game tonight!

Al Fahaheel Fc is a different sort of team in the Kuwaiti league. They were relegated from the league in 2007 and since then have been pushing to get back on the right tracks for a while. 55 years ago, the Fahaheel club’s start was promising and were considered a first-degree team for a long time. However, their recent slip from glory might give them in the game tonight a certain energy to break all the football odds on the Fahaheel reputation and break through with a victory. The team is composed entirely of Kuwaiti players.

Today’s game between Al Salmiya and Al Fahaheel looks to be promising and special for the Viva Kuwaiti league. Will the Fahaheel make that unpredictable victory and beat all the odds? Will Al Salmiya push them down below the ground again? Watch the game today at 17:00 and check your predictions at the door!

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