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Dalkurd FF: Kurdistan’s spiritual football team in Europe

Dalkurd FF kooora

There are between 25 to 30 million people from Kurdistan living across the middle east in many countries across the Mediterranean, for the kurdistani culture, it is the spirit of the union between the people that keeps its case strong in the political world and also in the world of football, and in Sweden, there is a football team formed by Kurdistan’s migrants that is keeping the spirits very high for the people of Kurdistan.

In 2004, 9 migrants who travelled to Sweden looking for a new life formed the Dalkurd football team with the intention of showing their national pride and football vigor.

Today, Dalkurd FF is infamous amongst football fans of Kurdistan, it is a team that competes the Swedish football league, but with Kurdish pride that keeps its engines turning.

Today, Dalkurd’s reach and influence has reached even the middle east from Europe. The Team has constructed football academies in the Iraqi Kurdistan region just like it did in Sweden, today the team is honored even at home in Iraq where the Kurdish community thrives strong.

Dalkurd’s captain Peshraw Azizi is a strong activist across Europe for the Kurdish case, as he contributes every moment of his time for the well-being of football in Kurdistan.

The Dalkurd team is also ambitious, as Dalkurd’s co-founder and chairman, Ramazan Kizil, declared that he plans to push the team towards bigger stadiums and opponents, with his eyes definitely set on the Turkish teams in Sweden.

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