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Dalkurd FF Vs Varbergs: The heat is on!

In their last match, Dalkurd FF smashed all predictions with a major 2-0 win against Eskilsminne IF in the Swedish football leagues. Even though the Kurdish descent team has still a lot to prove, it seems that their power is increasing while they head towards a strong match on the 24th of February with against Varbergs BoIS who hails from Varberg Sweden.

The game isn’t going to be an easy one it seems for the kurdistani team, the young Varberg’s 23 year old Perparim Beqaj on the offence is a formidable opponent for Dalkurd’s defense to watch out for.

As for Dalkurd FF, the forward player Ahmad Awad along with Rawez Lawan, who scored in Dalkurd’s last match, are also a formidable duo who will be pressing against Varberg’s lines all game probably.

January 24th Dalkurd FF Vs Varbergs

This game comes on the 24th of February as a peak in Dalkurd’s journey to come back to the 1st degree spots in the Swedish football sphere. The winner of the Svenka Cup gets a tight spot in the 2019/20 UEFA Europa League qualifying stages, and that is quite an achievement in itself for any of these 2nd degree teams.

Dalkurd’s history and journey through the Swedish football world is interesting on into itself, the team was formed in 2004 by 9 Kurdish immigrants as a community and social project for Kurds in Europe. It was introduced in 2005 into the Swedish football world as a professional team and since then, all bets were on! Dalkurd FF just kept on winning and impressing.

Today, Dalkurd FF has football training academies in both Sweden and Kurdistan, the autonomous region in Iraq that holds itself proud of its accomplishments with Dalkurd and its own affiliation with it.

It’s certain that the Dalkurd team is an inspiration to the youth of Kurdistan today. Many hopes hang upon its shoulder. What are your predictions for the 24th of January Dalkurd Vs Varbergs game? all bets are on!

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