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Egypt Football League: A history of victory and predictions


Today in 2019, Egyptian football is one of the hottest topics in the middle east amongst sports fans worldwide. Locally and internationally, Egyptian football is being looked at as the passion of the Egyptian people for decades now. It is not surprise that the biggest European teams in the world right now scout Egypt for new players and trainees in their camps.

Mohamed Salah, the 26-year-old who joined Liverpool and waved the Egyptian football flag up through the world’s roofs, or even Essam El-Hadary, the 46-year-old who led the Egyptian captain team and broke records in world up contributions for his Egypt national football team as they played the championship, all of these players were first a produce of Egypt’s Premiere League at some point, and played the world cup with their home country, Egypt, whenever they could. How does the local league influence Egypt today?

First, let’s take a good look at Egypt’s premiere league’s history. Founded in 1948, the Egyptian league has had a long history of huge games that have gathered Egypt’s capital around for huge spectator numbers, and as far as the records go, the biggest spectator numbers at a game held by Egypt’s premiere league is fixed at a Zamalek Vs Al Ahly game at 120,000 spectators, a game that witnessed a prestigious display of rivalry between Egypt’s top two premiere league teams that still battle every year for the title as a main event more than occasionally.

Today, Al Ahly team holds the title for most championships won including the year 2018. This year, Egypt’s premiere league is still ongoing after the infamous delays by the CAF association. However, a champion hasn’t been decided yet, but many say that it will definitely be a showdown between Zamalek and Al Ahly again!

On the second hand let’s look at the other teams that play on Egypt’s premiere league. The league is a house for 18 teams as of the year 2019, and there is a total of 34 games played in the time frame when Egypt’s premiere league takes place, from August to May.

Even though a total of 66 Egyptian football clubs have played in the league. Today, one of the rising talents of Egypt’s football league is for example the Pyramid Football Club, a club sponsored extensively in Egypt and currently making headlines as a rising star amongst the 18 teams enrolled by the CAF Egyptian football association. However, it is worth noting that only Al Ahly and Zamalek remain as the original 2 teams that have been there since the inception of Egypt’s Premiere League.

Amongst other notable teams playing are El Geish and El Ittihad with the addition of the recently victorious team EL Mokawloon. It is worthy to note that all these games are broadcasted on national television, Nile TV, or will usually air on the channel ON Sport regularly as the league takes place, so it’s natural that when the Egyptian league matches start, the whole of Egypt is watching!

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