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Erbil suffers a 2-1 loss against Naft Al-Wassat

Naft Al-Wassat

In the 2016-2017 Iraqi Premiere league, the Erbil team withdrew gracefully from the championship due to financial issues. The Erbil Football team, a team that has caught everybody’s attention in the AFC tournaments of 2012 and 2014, was facing an unknown future during that period.

However, all of that has changed today as the Erbil team was said to be back with a vengeance. However, after coming back stronger than ever in the last few games of the recent Iraqi Premiere League, the Erbil team has witnessed its first loss on the fields yesterday against Naft Al-Wassat. So, what happened in the game?

After three unbeaten matches, the Erbil team’s lost against Naft Al Wassat came as a surprise to many. The 28th minute goal by the Naft team shook its spirit in the first half of the game scored by Thu Alfeqar Aaied. However, 3 minutes after the first goal by Naft, the Erbil team fought back and scored the tie through Miran Khesro and thus bringing the field to a tie level.

The two teams played a fierce football match where the both the Kurdistani spirit and the Najafi spirit where on display. Eventually, around the 75th minute, Naft Al Wassat scored its second goal when Amir Hamed advanced forward into Erbil’s danger zone.

This match’s result moves Naft Al Wassat (6W-6D-5L) team ahead of Erbil by a single spot, putting it in the 8th position, and a single point making their points in total at 24 points. The Erbil football team now stands at (6W-5D-7L) in the 9th position with 23 points. The Kurdish Erbil team still has a some room to strive it seems.

The next match for the Erbil team will be a home match against Al-Zawraa on the 24th of February in Kurdistan’s capital, Erbil, at the Franso Hariri Stadium.

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