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Mobikora One of the best Arabic apps to watch sports


If you are in the middle east and always wondered how to watch live streams of your favorite sports games, then the answer is here loud and clear. MobiKora in its latest update is a mobile application for Android that has exceeded expectations in the Arab world for those who want to stream and follow the latest football matches whether it is in the African Cup or the Champions league or almost any other local or international football game happening that they can get their hands on.

Whether you are on your Android phone or Android tablet, MobiKora allows you to stream in HD the latest in Arabic local games and international league games. If you want to keep up with the latest games if also has an elaborate and expansive schedule page in local times for a huge number of football games directly from the Arab world. You will not only stream live games for free, you will also be able to view it in the same moment that it airs on Bein Sports channel. You can hook it directly to your Cool Kora apps to immerse in the full experience of watching football for free in the Arab world.

Mobikora Quality
Of course, to get the HD quality and the fast features of the MobiKora mobile application a strong and fast internet connection is needed. You can still catch the games in decent quality also if you are on 3G but it is data consuming sometimes, so a strong Wi-Fi is recommended to stream the football games from MobiKora.
On this free mobile application, you can watch the latest in football matches from the English Premiere League, the African Cup, AFC Cup, Champions League, Egyptian League, Saudi League, Kurdistan League, and Iraq’s football league. All you have to do is download the APK file directly from the internet and install the Mobikora app and you are all set!

Mobikora Advantages
• HD Quality Streaming
• Huge Collection of Arabic and International Football Streams
• Simple Intuitive Design
• Local Time Schedule for your country of residence

Mobikora Disadvantages
• Only on Android
• Fast Internet Connection is needed

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