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Erbil Football Team and its History


It is no secret that Erbil’s football team is one of the most successful football teams playing in Iraq right now. Despite the rumors that have surrounded the return of the team into major football events, the Erbil team continuously seeks to debunk them and come back to play stronger than before and this season all the bets are on Erbil and Kurdistan’s pride!

The history of Erbil’s football team is an interesting one

The history of Erbil’s football team is an interesting one, in particular, located in the autonomous region of Kurdistan, Erbil is the capital and the pulsating heart of the area, and so is its football team. Essentially, the Erbil football team is the first team from the Iraqi Premiere League that made it to the Asian Champions League tournaments in 2008, paving the way for the others. In addition, all bets were off in 2011-2012 on the Erbil team. As they won the Iraqi Premier league 4 times in their history with only 1 match lost during that season. It was a mighty feat for the team on the level they played in, and they raised the bar for Kurdistan pretty high during those years.

Unfortunately, the recent years haven’t been great on the Erbil team. In the 2016 – 2017 season the team had to actually pull out from the Iraqi Premiere league due to financial issues that has been rumored to plague the team for a while then. Essentially, if the team hasn’t pulled out they would have probably not played in their full capacity due to their concerns in the back of everybody’s mind and heart in the Erbil team.

The team was also a participant in the legendary AFC Cup on multiple occasions in 2012 and 2014, managing to score some wins and defeats but nonetheless raising the bar higher and higher for many others. The fans love them and they have had spectators in their fields watching them in thousands and thousands.

Today, the Erbil team is making new gains and gaining back its traction. The team just recently won against the Al-Minaa football team (1-0) and exceeded all the bets in Kurdistan, and now they heading on with a new spirit taking all the new points and pushing forward to reclaim what is theirs, Iraq’s football throne perhaps.

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