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Erbil: one of the safest cities in the world

Erbil Kurdistan Center

Erbil is the spiritual capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region today, it is considered by many to be the Kurdish flower of the Iraq region, and this year, this Iraqi city is getting the honor of being put on a new list for its excellence in security and in caring for the Arabic and Kurdish people that inhabit it.

Irbil has been elected to be one of the top 5 safest cities in the world, amongst the list 2 other Arab cities that were included are Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and Doha, the capital of Qatar. In addition, Quebec, Canada and Osaka, Japan were amongst the list.

What makes Erbil so special?

It is the liberal spirit of the city that mixes different cultures in Iraq under one umbrella. Mainly, the people of the city speak Arabic and Kurdish. However, it seems that the language barrier was not a hurdle in the way of the city to become homogenous and regulate itself enough to be elected as the safest most secure city in the world.

Today, Erbil is grabbing more touristic ventures than ever, Iraq is coming back in style as a tourist destination in the middle east, and even the casino industry, that Iraq once reveled on, has started to show great signs again.

Tourism in Erbil is also on the high, the mayor of Erbil declared that more than 1 million tourists came into Erbil in 2018 alone, and popular advanced financial technologies, like Fastpay, has made it easier for tourists to pay their way around the city as it adopted the brand into its economical basket. I bet that is one of the highest number of tourists for Erbil in a long time, as Erbil seems to be getting better every year on.

The Kurdish new year, Newroz, is amongst one of the busiest time for the city of Erbil in Iraq.

That is where the true quality of the security of the city shines. Everything is organized and everything is well ordered in the streets. It is important to witness the city on its busiest days to judge its safety of course.

The city of Erbil does not seem to care for the instability of the Middle East today, as it evolves further and further to show its golden colors of progress as the true symbol of Iraq.

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