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Kurdish and Iraqi People score big in the lottery

oregon iraqi lottery

The lottery in Kurdistan and especially in Erbil has a lot of passionate devotees, the get-rich-overnight sensation that the lottery gives those who participate in its LOTTO draws is unlike anything else for the dreamers. Just about a month and a half ago, a Kurdish woman and her husband both realized this overnight sensation of victory by winning in the Canadian national lottery with over 7.8 million dollars.

Nabi Kurdistan, the winner of the ticket, moved with her husband from Kurdistan around 18 years ago and took a chance and bet her wellbeing on it, and she thinks it has finally paid off in the most fortunate of ways, she says “I’am still trying to get out of shock”, as it seems she did not expect to win at all. What do they plan to do with the money? Pay off loans of course, as the lottery money is precious for such families trying to make it in Canada. They also plan to visit their family back in Iraq and Kurdistan as they have only seen them twice in the last 18 years!

Another similar incident of the same kind happened not too long ago also. when an Iraqi man who lives in Baghdad won what is close to a 6.4 million dollars’ jackpot in Oregon. The catch? The man did not even live in the U.S.A as he bought the ticket online through a reseller!

Most of the winners of big LOTTO draws in general prefer their names to be unannounced and kept anonymous, but in most places that is considered illegal. However, for the sake of some winners some changes can be made to accommodate the situation. For example, the Iraqi man who won the 6.4 million dollar Oregon jackpot has till now stayed anonymous. Some people from Iraq and Kurdistan report that it is actually dangerous for people there to know you have that much money or won these amounts at the lottery.

Online Lottery in Iraq and Erbil

All we know is this, as casino and lottery in Erbil start to open up more online, the jackpots are sure to start getting bigger, and more people will start feeling lucky in the Iraqi lotto and get familiar with the lucky possibilities they could have.

Have you ever wanted to participate in the Iraqi lotto? Some people don’t even have to play and buy actual tickets. If you are in Iraq, you can play the lotto online and every 5 minutes!

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