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Top 3 Best Sports News Websites in Arabic


There is a special place reserved for those who are dedicated to their local sports world and reporting news on it, the passion for sports in the middle east is real. Those who bet on sports events in the middle east

YallaKora is an Egyptian site that has a long legacy behind to be one of the best around. The site covers Sports events and leagues from all over the middle east. Whether it is from Qatar, UAE, Saudi, or even Morocco. However, one of the site’s specialties is the Egyptian local leagues and its news, as it offers the best strategies and odds on what is happening in Egypt in regard to football, this could be a great source to strategize football bets in Egypt relying on such a news site!

What is so special about Kooora? In addition to the fact that offers a wide variety of sports news that cover every country in the Arab world, Kooora offers them also in English. This advantage puts Kooora as a top contender for arab sports fans living inside and outside the middle east, or those who are simply interested in local sports in the Arab world. It allows betters on Arabic sports games to have a better idea of the course or pre-game strategies through this offering of Arab sports news in English.

Kurdistan24 offers a huge variety of sports news related to less highlighted local events in the Arab world and the presence of it in Europe. Kurdistan is an autonomous region in the Middle East. However, its excellence in sports around the world has something for every sports fan that wants to hear the success stories of those who are far. For this reason, Kurdistan24 takes a special place as one of the top Kurdish sports news sites online today.

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