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Skrill | One of the best wallets for sports betting


The history of e-wallets and banks online has been one of the most interesting technology stories to come out of the internet age. Skrill, which previously went under the name Moneybookers, is an internet bank and e-wallet that is safe, secure, and provides one of the most excellent financial services in the world today. You can transfer your funds or deposit them for online use, transfer funds to other people with a Skrill account or services integrated with the technology.

Most Skrill users treat it like a bank, a place where they handle their finances easily online for entertainment and retail services alike. In the betting world, Skrill is one of the best services to choose to place your bets, as most sports betting and casino websites integrate the service for players who want to handle their betting wins with ease.

Skrill is an good alternative for some other services like FastPay as each of these services specialize in certain areas and special regions of the world, and provide one of the best ways to manage money on the internet in the middle east. For the most part, both services work similarly and you can choose your preferred payment so that you can withdraw and deposit money from sports betting and casino sites at any time.

Opening a Skrill account

To open your Skrill account, head over to the official site at and start the process to open your e-wallet. If you are a single person opt in for a personal account and fill the form with your personal details and proceed to sign up. An important note for new users of Skrill, make sure you fill your personal information on Skrill correctly as it gets harder to change this information in the future. The currency you choose will also make a difference as the conversion rates can differ. Receive your confirmation mail with 6 digits and within minutes you will be ready to use your Skrill account to buy or bet online.

Who should use Skrill?

Most prestigious sports betting and casino players use Skrill to manage their finances on the best online gambling sites especially for people who want to bet in more restricted countries. The security and safety of the service is up to high quality and standard in such restricted situations, so gamblers from countries in the Arab world use it to place sports bets and play online casinos.

The main advantage of the service is how easy it is to send, receive, and manage money transactions. Even though it has a conversion fee of 3.99% upon foreign currencies, users have to pay attention when converting currencies to use Skrill.

• Support for 80 different bank connections
• One-click payout option
• Sending money payments to many people at the same time
• E-commerce integration with most popular platforms
• Extensive refund options

Unique yet familiar Skrill

There is no doubt that the services and workflow of Skrill is very similar to Paypal in many ways, it is reliable and fast. What makes Skrill unique is its business integration in platforms for gambling and especially in places like the middle east that speak Arabic and where restrictions might play an important factor in choosing the platform. Today, if you are in Dubai, Saudi, Iraq, Kurdistan, or any region that may have a difficulty providing services for your sports betting and casino needs, Skrill stands tall as one of the best options.

FastPay is a new competitor to the service in the Kurdistan region for example. However, Skrill remains one of the most popular money applications for gambling services in the arab world and other regions like Africa as well. Whether your intention is for personal use or e-commerce purposes, the service offers some options that are unique and a support team that is diligent in comparison to the huge user-base that they have. All in All, Skrill is one of the best way to play online sports betting and casino games on the internet today.

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